"Do You Think You Should Be Working To Make More Money? You're Wrong. You Should Be Working To Get More Traffic!"

When it comes making money online, how much you earn directly relates to how much targeted traffic your website is receiving.

From: Michael Paul
Date: April 19th, 2018

Dear Friend,

If you'll allow me to give you a quick piece of advice, I'd like to tell you to pay close attention and make sure you read everything on this page. Read it twice if you have to. If you choose not to you run the risk of becoming one of those frustrated, angry, working-too-hard kind of entrepreneurs. I know you don't want that and I don't want that for you.

Assuming you and I are similar you probably got into business for two reasons: to follow something your passionate about (and turn it into a profitable venture) and/or to become financially free - to never again have to answer to anyone, or work on someone else's deadline.

Again, assuming you and I are similar, you've probably setup a business in the past (or recently) only to realize it's not as easy as "they" make it out to be. Having a great product/offer isn't the only piece to the puzzle, having a great offer just isn't enough. What you need to do is drive targeted traffic to that offer in order to make sales and collect leads.

As soon as I figured that out I started doing all kinds submissions: articles, social media submissions on sites like Delicious and Digg. I figured...

This Is How You Get Targeted Traffic

Well, I was dead wrong. Now as I got more experience I learned how to properly use those services and methods, but early on? Man was I confused and frustrated. For a second, imagine this...

Imagine spending all of your spare time working on your business (as many of us budding entrepreneurs do), desperately searching for any results. You've read the books people say are "good" and they start with article marketing! Write as many articles as you can each day and you're sure to get traffic, they say.

Being relatively new to this stuff, you say "sure that makes sense", and logically you are correct the theory does make sense. The problem? It's exactly that - a theory. You can write as many articles as you possibly can each and every day and your results will not be stable or near permanent. So why is that?

Well, it starts with research. These books will simply tell you "do keyword research, that'll work! Find "long tail keywords", yeah, that'll do it!". You know what? That isn't just a theory, it's fact!

By doing this you can manage to get your article ranking highly on the search engine page results, which will drive traffic to the article (which then drives traffic to your website). Here's the catch:

You Have No Idea What Your Market Wants!

Why is anyone going to read your article for longer than 2 seconds if it's not relevant to what they actually want? Knowing the right keywords to pick isn't enough...

When someone visits your site and then immediately leaves or presses the back button (without visiting any other pages on the site), that's what's known as a bounce. Google takes this bounce rate into effect when calculating which pages should rank higher. What does this mean?

It means that even if you have a great keyword and you're "leeching" off the PageRank of an article directory (like EzineArticles), you can still lose your ranking status at literally anytime. For this reason, Traffic Massacre heavily focuses on...

Finding Out What Your Market Wants

Since most books neglect to tell you how to figure out what the market wants, you're stuck and you move on to another traffic strategy: per-per-click. You buy the latest books about AdWords (and it seems like there's a new one every few months) and you start getting pumped, "This is it!", you say.

After you've gone through the book and understand the principles taught, in a fit of excitement you setup your first campaign. You let it run for a week and realize you didn't make any profit. You still feel as if there's hope and you try to convince yourself: "If I make just two sales tomorrow I'll break even, then I'll be on the path to being profitable!"...

Those Two Sales Never Come

Then, as the book suggests, you chalk it up to a "bad niche" - you setup another campaign, get some traffic, maybe a sale or two but still break even or take a loss. Why can one person have such great success with PPC while you have very little, if any? That's easy... they didn't emphasize a few key points/aspects of per-per-click advertising.

So with PPC in the bag and little to no results, you again, go on this seemly neverending quest of targeted traffic.

Interesting story, right? Do you know anyone that's ever been a similar situation? Well, staying in that situation can do a number of things; first of all...

This Is Costing Your A LOT Of Money!

The more methods you blindly attempt, the more money you're going to waste. At the same time you're going to wasting your time; this affects not only how much success you'll have in the short and long term but also how much money you make. Ever heard the phrase "Time is money"? They're not lying!

The other thing this will do is turn you into an opportunity seeker rather than an entrepreneur - don't fall into the trap. An opportunity seeker does exactly that - seeks opportunities. They go from method to method, tactic to tactic, etc... they basically read every book, maybe try a few things but never truly become successful.

So what's the solution? Use a product created by someone who has been there. Someone who has felt your pain. Someone that has struggled to get traffic like no other. Someone you trust.

I can't tell you to trust me, we all have our own beliefs but...

I Have To Confess Something...

That story wasn't just entertaining fiction, it was the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur. Since then I have tested, tracked, tweaked and refined all of the traffic methods I use on a regular basis to get maximum exposure, traffic and ultimately, profits.

I've Put It All In This Course

Here's a quick breakdown of what each chapter includes:

Chapter One: In-Depth Market Research

This is the kind of chapter the "gurus" are afraid to share.

In this chapter you'll get the scoop on what's going on in your market, you'll learn who your market really is, you'll discover exactly what they want and much, much more.

If you're not doing this kind of research, your business is setup to fail.

Chapter Two: Competitive Research

Who says you have to succeed on your own? For every business that has succeeded in your market, they've left a little trail of breadcrumbs carving out their path. This section not only shows you how to save time but also plenty, and I mean , plently of money.

You'll also learn how to literally spy on their every move, allowing you to strategically maneuver yourself and your business to maximum profits.

Chapter Three: Keyword Research

From here you'll learn how to quickly find profitable keywords, both broad and long tail. Seriously, you're going to get good at this stuff and fast. When you do, you'll be able to instantly pinpoint profitable keywords and you'll be able to generate huge lists of quality keywords in minutes using 100% free tools.

Chapter Four: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is typically seen as the "holy grail". "If I could just rank for that keyword", some may say.

This chapter covers not only on page optimization but off page optimization, where to get links, what kind of links you should be getting, who is linking to your competition and much, much more.

Let's just say after you've read this chapter, you shouldn't have any problems ranking for the keywords you chose in the last chapter.

Chapter Five: Creating Content

What does creating content have to do with getting traffic? Everything. Seriously, you need great content to not only get people linking to your website but to create a following of loyal visitors.

Many topics are covered, including one very closely kept secret that will completely change the way you look at content creation. Beyond that, you'll find out what your market wants and a whole bunch more!

Chapter Six: Video Marketing

It's no real secret that video has swept the web - it's everywhere now. The most popular websites online are making use of video, do you know why? Because it works.

Within this chapter various video marketing strategies are talked about, as well as how you can create video without you in the frame. It's possible, it's effective, it's an absolutely must-know tactic.

Chapter Seven: Social Media

Social media - yet another "feature" of this new web revolution. Neglecting social media can be a business killer for sure - if your competition starts making use of effective social media, you better step up your game or close shop because that's all she wrote.

In this chapter, you'll learn why 90%+ of entrepreneurs are using social media completely wrong and how you should be using these services. Doing it the Traffic Massacre way will not only boost your reputation but also your leads/sales numbers!

Chapter Eight: AdWords

Targeted traffic on tap, what's not to love? Well, the fact that your cost per click is sky high, or your click thru rate is totally low or hey, maybe the terrible quality score? *head explodes*

Relieve some frustration and do things the Traffic Massacre way - learn how you can still get targeted traffic as low as $0.01 per click. This is done without deceitful, short term tactics. It's 100% legit, whitehat and 100% effective.

Chapter Nine: Using/Getting Affiliates

Imagine being able to completely outsource your traffic and never have to think about it again - does that sound appealing to you? Then you definitely need to start building your own affiliate army.

One super affiliate alone can contribute over 90% of your sales. Traffic Massacre shows you how and where to find these eager, willing affiliates. You'll also learn a ridiculously simple tactic for getting them to promote your stuff... without begging! (dignity will stay in tact!)

I know that trust is a hard thing to earn, especially over the Internet where you don't know who you're talking to. As such, I'm offering a 60 day money back guarantee. So here's the deal...

I encourage you to purchase Traffic Massacre today and at least try it for 59 days. If after 59 days you haven't received enough traffic to make sales/cover the cost of this product I want you to get a refund. There's no catch and there's no questions asked!

My success is based on your success - all of the risk is on me.

I know you're an honest person working equally (if not harder) than I am, so this is the least I can do to help establish a relationship of trust between us.

If, on the other hand, you benefit from Traffic Massacre in the way I'm fully confident you will... well, start celebrating! Crack open some wine, buy that gadget you always wanted - whatever it is, have fun and enjoy life! Then, most importantly, rinse and repeat!

Make the decision today that you're not satisfied with your current traffic (and/or financial) situation and that you will make a change. Solidify your spot today...

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