"Start Promoting Today And You'll Earn 75% Per Sale!"

Main Information

Product title: Traffic Massacre
Affiliate payout: 75%

About the product: Traffic Massacre is a full-on course that focuses on driving traffic to your website through multiple mediums. It includes information about creating content, social media, article marketing, video marketing, pay-per-click, pay-per-view, etc.

PPC Campaigns


Note: the majority of the above keywords are broad. I recommend digging a little deeper and finding some quality long tails keywords. To do this, I encourage you to use the following tools:

Google's Keyword Tool - this is probably the most accurate keyword tool out there.

NicheBot Classic

Spying on the competition can be a super-useful tactic to finding out what profitable ad copy looks like and which keywords work. If your budget is a little flexible I definitely recommend you check out PPC Bully.

In my opinion there are only four PPC networks worth considering... in order, they are:

1 - Google AdWords.
2 - Yahoo Search Marketing.
3 - Microsoft adCenter.
4 - AdBrite.

Try spreading campaigns across multiple networks, rather than sticking to one exclusively. Sometimes you'll find you've created a dud campaign on AdWords but then you bring it over to Yahoo Search Marketing and it performs brilliantly. Diversifying is important!

When creating campaigns, don't be afraid to try the content network! This is a very under-utitilized strategy and can bring it super cheap clicks and a greater ROI (return on investment).

Search for some keywords on Google and check the first 5 organic results; if they're using AdSense I'd specifically target that website using the content network... then repeat this for every keyword.


Keep in mind that your "job" as an affiliate should be to pre-sell the product - you do no actual selling! Leave the selling to the sales copy on this website (it's what it's there for!). The sales copy will constantly be tested, tracked and tweaked to ensure conversions are the highest possible.

When talking about the product, try to be subtle with your "pitch". In fact, try not pitching at all. Simply presenting the facts and benefits has consistently worked for me in the past.

Capturing leads is a good idea - you get them to opt-in and you can market/sell new products to them for the entire life of their subscription. It's much better than just getting the sale and ending the interaction. This way you can build a relationship and, if done right, be paid for life.

Making your website look completely separate from this one is also a good idea - that way it'll pass the "sniff test" of whether or not it's presenting legitimate information. Cloaking affiliate links is also a good idea, though not required (of course).

If you're not capturing leads and your main goal is to get the sale, you should really be focusing on getting the click. You can't make the sale if they never hit this website! To do this, I recommend ending sentences with something like "More information...", where that text links to your affiliate link. If you're talking about the product and they're interested, the odds of them clicking a link for more information is insanely high.

Banners and Graphics

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Size: 288x421 ** transparent PNG **

Useful Resources

If you are new to affiliate marketing or need some guidance, here are some killer resources you should check out:

Commission Blueprint
This product is based around pay-per-click advertising and these guys have nailed it. You literally get all of the information/resources (including landing pages!) required to setup profitable PPC campaigns.

Secret Affiliate Code 2
In a nutshell, this product shows you step-by-step how to setup profitable affiliate campaigns. It was designed to take you from a beginner affiliate to an expert in no time. This is definitely one of the better affiliate marketing books I've seen.

PPC Bully
As I mentioned in the PPC section above, PPC Bully allows you to spy on your competition. This will let you see which campaigns are profitable (determined by how long they stay active). Beyond that, you can see what keywords they're bidding on as well as what style ad copy they're using. All that's left is creating a similar campaign and cashing in!

Xtreme Conversions
This script allows you to track pretty much everything you'll need to for your affiliate campaign. Tracking is important because it'll allow you find out what keywords convert, what ad copy performs better, which headline works best, etc. Tracking is a must!

Keyword Elite
This application can generate massive lists of profitable keywords in seconds. I'm usually not a fan of desktop software apps for my marketing efforts but this is one I couldn't live without!

Affiliate FAQ

How much is your top affiliate currently making?
I'd like to keep this private, althrough I may leak some stats in the future (with the approval of the super affiliate, of course).

What is the current conversion rate?
This information will be posted later on after more split testing has been done!

What country are most of the sales coming from?
This information will be posted later on.

I'm stuck - do you offer any affiliate support?
Definitely! The more success you have the more success I have, it'd be silly not to help you out! I try to respond to all e-mails as soon as possible so don't be afraid to ask questions!

I'd like to do a JV, how do we get it going?
Simply e-mail me with as much information about the joint venture as possible. I'll review and decide based on what information and/or materials you send.